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We are Pirate Finder

Pirate Finder has been developing anti-piracy software and hardware for the detection and prevention of digital piracy.

Web Products

Our first generation of products to be released will allow you to know who the person is sharing all digital purchases online. We combined sales and DRM services into one product. This now allows us to trace the files being shared on the internet to the person who bought them. Our award winning product called “Beacon” now allows us to trace back, even in the dark web, where files are being shared.

Internet Tracking

Not only can we trace your digital sales to the real person purchasing your product now, we can also give you what we call “web portals” for sales. Now we have extended the market place from the internet to all retail stores. You can now pick the location and Kiosk that you want to sell your music, your movies and even E-books.

Client Support

We support all our products from the hardware side to the internet and software products. But wait, there is more… if you think what we have is good now, wait, we have other products that are even better than this.

How We Work






What you need to know.

Our copy protection is as good as the Copyrights, Trademarks and Patents you hold on your digital product. We are very certain we will find those sharing your files, but without the proper legal protection there is very little we can do to get the money you deserve.

We do have an extensive attorney list and if you contact us we can recommend several very good attorney’s who practice in Copyright and Trademark law.

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How it works

The solution

Pirate Finder has developed several different methods for the prevention and tracking of all digital media. We even have hardware solutions for the movie theaters and also for the medical industry. We have 3 different methods of protecting your intellectual and private information:

1. Software solutions for the prevention of piracy

2.Hardware solutions for the prevention of piracy

3. Print media solutions for the prevention of piracy


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